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SNEAK PEEK! Birder’s Guide to Listing & Taxonomy, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 2.55.07 AMThe 2015 issue of Birder’s Guide to Listing & Taxonomy is now being printed. That means that, if you’re an ABA member, you should find it in your mailbox in the next couple weeks. But you don’t have to wait until then to see what’s inside. And neither do non-members. You can see the entirety of this issue of Birder’s Guide online right now. Just click here.

This issue’s stunning cover (painted by Luke Seitz) features an array of species whose taxonomic fortunes changed this year. Those changes are explained in the annual Check-list Redux”. An another article, ornithologist and ABA Recording Standards and Ethics Committee Secretary, Nick Block, offers a look inside how taxonomists analyze phylogenetic trees to determine what appears on the checklist.

We continue to hear from Nick as Sheridan Coffey interviews him to help clarify the answers to some perennial listing questions. Listing articles in this issue cover Dorian Anderson’s Big Year by bicycle and Ann Haverstock’s quest to reach 700 ABA Area birds by the age of 70. And finally, this issue includes a “Listing Snapshot” for 2014, showing the top list totals submitted to Listing Central for various categories.

Whether you’re a passionate feeder-watcher, a taxonomy wonk, or a dedicated lister, I hope you will find something of interest in this issue. Please take a moment to let us know what you did and didn’t like, and what was missing. Even better, write something for us! We look forward to hearing from you in the comment section below!


You can easily download the entire issue, or just certain pages, allowing you to read Birder’s Guide on your Nook, Kindle, or other tablet, when offline. Or your laptop, if you’re old-fashioned. Just click on the fourth button from the right in the toolbar above the e-magazine. (See image below.)