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Your turn: The 20 Best Birds in Australia

This stonkingly beautiful Regent Bowerbird was not chosen as one of Stephan’s “20 Best Birds in Australia”. What could have beaten this bird? You’ll have to read his article to find out. Photo (C) Michael L. P. Retter

Perhaps the most popular regular feature in the three years since Birder’s Guide began rolling off the presses is “The 20 Best Birds…” This year, Stephan Lorenz takes us down under, figuratively speaking, to show us what he thinks are “The 20 Best Birds in Australia”.

Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Regent Bowerbird, Pink Robin, Princess Parakeet, and Southern Cassowary seemed liked shoe-ins to me, but you won’t fine these birds on Stephan’s list. Australia has such a wealth of avian species that there are plenty of other amazing possibilities out there. So, which species do you think he chose? To find out, you’ll have to read the article, which is available online along with the rest of the issue. (And best of all, it’s free!)

Stephan and I invite you to share your own list of the 20 Best Birds in Australia, and to comment on his picks, in the comment section below.