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#ABArare – Cuban Vireo – Florida

This morning (4/19), Mark Hedden, Carl Goodrich, Murray Gardler, Lee Dunn, and Tharon Dunn found a possible Cuban Vireo at Fort Zachary Taylor at Key West, Monroe County, Florida. Pending acceptance this is a 1st record for Florida and possible a first record for the ABA Area.

Photo: Mark Hedden

Photo: Mark Hedden

Fort Zachary Taylor is a Florida State Park, located at the end of Southard Street on Truman Annex in Key West. Admission to the park is $6.00 per vehicle and $2.00 per pedestrian. Specific location of the bird in the park is forthcoming. The Cuban Vireo was photographed at first parking lot after entering the park. PLEASE do not wander down the path leading to the garage as this is a private area and the park staff does not want birders around the garage.

Cuban Vireo is one of the more common Cuban endemics, found throughout the island in bushy thickets at lower elevations. Noteworthy field marks include thin wingbars and a prominent post-ocular patch, both of which are evident in the photos received thus far.

We will update this post as more information and photos become available.