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Open Mic: A Plea for the Junin Grebe

At the Mic: Josh Beck

There are many, many environmental woes and endangered species in the world, unfortunately. There are also an amazing number of dedicated people and organizations doing everything they can to help. But some things seem to slip through the cracks or to be slipping away from us, almost unnoticed.

Junin Grebe

The Junin Grebe, a flightless grebe endemic to Lake Junin in Peru, is a species in peril that really needs some help. Unfortunately, very little basic biological work has been done to understand the decline and to figure out how to help avoid a fourth grebe extinction!

Gunnar Engblom lives and guides in Peru and is working to raise a very modest $3000 to pay a biologist to monitor the Critically Endangered Junin Grebe for the breeding season and, hopefully with enough support, an entire year.

This is a modest amount of money to raise, far less than the cost of a trip to Peru to see a species that may not be there in the near future if we don’t act now.

Let’s fund this Indigogo campaign and help a Critically Endangered species before it is too late!


Josh Beck was first a programmer and engineer, then a winemaker, but has recently decided to pursue biology and conservation full time. He has traveled  climbed and birded in Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Bolivia in the past and is looking forward to dirt roads, adventures, and being able to contribute positively to conservation and knowledge of species status and distribution while en route!