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Where to Watch the 2016 World Series (of Birding)

By the time this post is published, teams of birders have been birding hard for 8 hours in the state of New Jersey, going for glory (or whatever passes for glory in the birding world) in the 32nd World Series of Birding.  Sponsored by New Jersey Audubon, the WSOB is the among the foremost Big Day competitions in the world. Teams of birders scour the state of New Jersey, uniquely manageable in size and overloaded with fine birding sites, in a bird-and-caffeine-fueled 24 hour period to see who can find the most species of birds in one calendar day. And it’s going on NOW.

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The statewide competition is still the big draw, but increasingly popular are various county competitions, which count on local birder’s familiarity with their home turf. Also, the Photo Big Day and the Human-powered Big Day have grown increasingly competitive in recent years. In short, there’s something for everybody and many, many birders from New Jersey and beyond will be participating. For those of us not there, it’s as much fun to follow as to participate. And you could argue that since you don’t have to be up for 24 hours straight, it’s even better to do it this way.

Just like last year, you can follow along on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with the hashtag #wsb16

And over in our old home state of Colorado, Team eBird is running their own Big Day as part of Cornell’s Global Big Day and the International Migratory Bird Day. They will be attempting to crack an impressive 200 species in the state in 24 hours, all the more impressive for a land-locked region. You can follow their attempt at the eBird Facebook and Twitter feeds.

And don’t forget to go out birding on your own! The Global Big Day is counting every species added to eBird today, so get your sightings in!