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2016 Proxy Ballot Update – Where to Get Your Ballot if You Haven’t Received it Yet

The ABA’s Annual Membership Meeting is coming up and with it, the deadline to return the proxy ballot containing the by-laws change that would expand the ABA Area to include Hawai’i.

Due to an error at our mailing house, many ABA members will have received two ballots. The first will typically have an incorrect primary member name on the outer envelope, though the secondary member name is usually correct, if it is a household membership. The second ballot should be entirely correctly addressed, and have notes on the envelope and the enclosed letter identifying it as a second mailing.

Note that regardless of how the envelope(s) was or were addressed, the proxy ballots are the generic, and you may use any ballot you have received.

Though we love to hear from our members, please consider NOT calling the office about this issue, unless you have a question not covered here. We’ve understandably been flooded with calls from folks confused by the first mailing with incorrect primary member names.

If, for whatever reason, you have not received a ballot, we encourage you to print the PDF file, and mail that to us. Votes will be counted as long as they are received on or before October 28, 2016.


We are encouraged by the response to the by-law change in discussions on social media and on The ABA Blog, and we hope that this enthusiasm translates into a strong member response in ballots received.

Once again, if you have not yet received your ballot by mail, please print the PDF file, and mail that to us.

For more information on the ballot, or our Membership Meeting at the headquarters in Delaware City, Delaware, please check out the Annual Meeting 2016 website.