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Watching The Big Game for Ads? Check out one for Song Bird Coffee!

The Professional Football Championship Game (we’re not technically allowed to call it by its real name, but you know what we’re talking about, right?) is the sort of cultural event that is a big deal even if you aren’t a football fan. There’s the game, for sure, but there’s also the half-time show, and also the ads.

We at the ABA don’t intend to miss this cultural touchstone, but we’re a little short on the estimated $5 million it takes to air an ad during the 2017 game. So we’re doing the next best thing, using our own blog.

Check out this ad for the ABA’s own Song Bird Coffee, and just imagine it’s running during the commercial breaks between the game between the team from New England and the one from Atlanta (seriously, we can’t even legally use the team names).


A huge thank-you to ABA Board Member, Paul Riss, and to the team at Cundari where Paul is Creative Director, who did the amazing work on this campaign

We hope that you’ll drink Song Bird Coffee, and talk up the benefits of drinking Bird-Friendly®, shade-grown coffee with all your coffee drinking friends and family. It’s not only the very highest quality for you, it’s the very best for protecting birds and their habitat. And that’s something to celebrate, no matter which team you’re rooting for!