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#ABArare – Common Greenshank – New Jersey

On October 23, Sam Galick and Virginia Rettig discovered and photographed an ABA Code 3 Common Greenshank at the Brigantine Division of the Forsyth NWR in Atlantic County, New Jersey. Pending acceptance this is a 1st record for New Jersey and one of only a few records for the Atlantic coast of this widespread Eurasian shorebird.

Edwin B. Forsyth NWR is located just north of Atlantic City, New Jersey. It consists of two divisions, departed by about 20 miles, of which the northwestern Brigantine division is the most regularly visited by birders. The bird was seen along the Wildlife Drive, reportedly near the “dogleg”, a stretch along the northern side of the drive where the road turns northeast and back northwest again. The entrance to the Wildlife Drive is off US Route 9, onto Great Creek Rd.

Common Greenshank is a widespread tundra-breeding shorebird in the Old World. It is an uncommon, but regular, visitor to western Alaska, primarily in spring. There are fewer than 10 records for this species away from Alaska. All Common Greenshanks reportedin the eastern part of the continent have occurred in the Atlantic provinces. This is the farthest south in the ABA Area it has occurred in the east, though there are single records each from Barbados and Bermuda.