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Another Birding Photo Quiz: October 2017

One wasn’t enough! If the ghoulish grebe in our Featured Photo, October 2017 Birding, has you wanting more, then we offer you all these shorebirds and such:

How many species can you ID in this photo? Click on the photo to enlarge. Please use the “comments” section below to share your thoughts. Photo by © Kristen Johnson.

Location is the Delaware Bayshore, Delaware side. Date is August 2016. Photographer is Kristen Johnson. And this photo appears on p. 41 of Madelyne Ray’s article in the October 2017 Birding.


A word or two (or 100) about how this photo came to be… It’s from the ABA’s Camp Avocet, one of two “bird camps” offered to teen birders every summer by the ABA. Kristen and Madelyne are two bird camp alumnae, and their work graces the October Birding. The most wonderful thing about this article, written by Madelyne, is how it so skillfully portrays the incredible diversity of experiences enjoyed by participants in the ABA’s Young Birder Camps. Yes, you get “hardcore bird ID,” as in this photo, at ABA camps. But you also get bird biology and bird conservation, camaraderie and zaniness and even a bit of mischief, and, above all, a shared sense of wonder about the natural world. Thanks, Madelyne, for the splendid contribution!

In her article in the October 2017 Birding, teen birder Madelyne Ray introduces us to Camp Avocet and Camp Colorado, offered each summer to young birders.