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Birding Photo Quiz: October 2017

The “Featured Photo” in the October 2017 Birding, arriving soon in ABA members’ mailboxes, prompts three questions:

1. What the heck is this?

2. If you have a general idea, why is it this one and not that one?

3. Even if you know exactly which one it is (it’s this one, not that one), why does the bird look this way?

This striking bird was photographed by Mia McPherson. A detailed analysis of this bird (and others like it), by Peter Pyle and McPherson, appears in the October 2017 issue of Birding.


The usual request: Please let us know your reasoning. If you think it’s a Thayer’s Gull, please let us know how you got to “gull” in the first place.

Answers forthcoming, but, first, let’s have some fun together with this one!