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ABA Releases Much Anticipated Checklist Update

This year’s much anticipated release of the American Birding Association Checklist is here!

In version 8.0 there are 105 species added due last year’s inclusion of Hawaii in the ABA Area–33 of which are ABA  rarity code 6. Also added are 4 vagrants accepted by the Checklist Committee: Common Shelduck, Amethyst-throated Hummingbird, Pine Flycatcher, and Cuban Vireo, as well as one added (Cassia Crossbill) and one subtracted (Thayer’s Gull) based on AOS taxonomic decisions. This results in a total number species on the checklist of 1102.

The ABA would like to thank the volunteer Checklist Committee – Peter Pyle (Chairman), Mary Gustafson, Tom Johnson, Andrew W. Kratter, Aaron Lang, Mark W. Lockwood, Ron Pittaway, and David Sibley – for managing a Herculean job that included revising the ABA Rarity Codes, and adding the 4-letter alpha code for each species.

The checklist can be downloaded in CSV, PDF or XLS at Listing Central by clicking here >>

Hawaii’s inclusion in the ABA Area includes the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.