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Birding Photo Quiz: February 2018

Okay, folks, here’s the first installment of Birding Photo Quizzes for 2018. Before we get underway, we’ll remind you that, as always, the definitive answer and analysis appear in Birding magazine, published by the American Birding Association (ABA). In order to receive Birding and the many other benefits of ABA membership, please join the ABA today.

Let’s get on to the matter at hand. We all know that location and date are important in bird identification. So we’ll tell you that this photo is from the Great Salt Lake in the early autumn of 2017. Here’s another clue, a biggie: Depicted in the photo is a species that is one of the easiest to identify in the ABA Area. Have at it!

These birds were photographed at the Great Salt Lake, Utah, in the early autumn of 2017. Image by © Mia McPherson.