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Birding Photo Quiz: April 2018

If you look at wood-warblers long enough, you’ll find an oddball: a hybrid, a mutant, or some other sort of individual that doesn’t fit in the box. And with the proliferation of digital photos, we birders are documenting such oddballs as never before. Like this fascinating and beautiful individual:

This is evidently a wood-warbler of some sort. But what sort? Haynes Miller found this bird in Boston, Massachusetts, on October 4, 2017. Photo by © Haynes Miller.

What do you think it is? As always, we are especially appreciative of responses that give us a bit of insight into your thinking. Tell us why you think it’s a so-and-so hybrid or a this-and-that mutant. Hayne’s Miller’s analysis of this interesting wood-warbler appears in the April 2018 Birding, winging its way to ABA members’ mailboxes right now.