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ABA Events, In Our Own Backyard

If you find yourself in Delaware City this spring and summer, come by the ABA headquarters for one of our weekly Heron Watches.

Every Thursday night, April through June, join ABA birding host Devin Mendez and take in the gathering dusk together on the Delaware City Waterfront as hundreds of herons (Great Blues, Little Blues, egrets, and others) pass right by as they wing their way back to Pea Patch Island. The island is famous as the home of Fort Delaware, but for more than a century it has also been one of the country’s largest heronries, hosting thousands of nesting herons and egrets.

It’s a great opportunity to bone up on your flying heron ID skills and enjoy the company of new and old friends. Come join us to take in the spectacle, and grab a beer or some food in town before or after.

Also, the ABA is once again joining with Fort Delaware State Park to bring Sunset River Cruises back for another year to offer you a fun, enjoyable, and educational experience on the Delaware River.

These cruises offer a great chance to gain a new appreciation for the birds and other wildlife that inhabit Pea Patch Island and the surrounding Delaware River. They’re also a fun way to gain a new perspective on places that you may live in or drive by every day.

Cost for the tours is $35 per person, and reservations must be made in advance at If you have any questions, call the American Birding Association 302-838-3660.