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American Birding Podcast: At the Champions of the Flyway with the ABA-Leica Subadult Wheatears

The Champions of the Flyway is one the world’s premiere birding events, a combination bird race/conservation fundraiser held annually in southern Israel that has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to help stop illegal bird poaching around the Mediterranean. While North American teams have participated in the event before, this was the first year that ABA helped sponsor a team, the ABA-Leica Subadult Wheatears, consisting of college-aged birders who all have connections to ABA young birder programs: Johanna Beam, Marky Mutchler, and Aidan Place.

In this episode I join the wheatears as driver and documentarian and brings you in the car with the wheatears as they tackle Champions for the first time.

Special thanks to Jonathan Meyrav and Leica’s Jeff Bouton for their support in all matters, and to everyone who donated to help the Subadult Wheaters reach their conservation goals!

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