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#ABArare – Masked Duck – Louisiana

On June 26, Paul Dickson discovered an ABA Code 3 Masked Duck at the Pinola Managed Wetlands near Shreveport, in Caddo Parish, Louisiana. Though officially a Code 3 bird, Masked Duck has been infrequent in recently years, though one was seen last year in Oklahoma. This is reportedly the 5th record of this species for Louisiana.

The site is private property, on wetland managed by the Pinola Aviary. The owner and finer of the bird, Paul Dickson, has generously agreed to provide access to the ite to those who contact him at paul AT

More information can be found on the Louisiana birding listserv.

Masked Duck is a small, secretive, stiff-tailed duck, widespread throughout the Neotropics. Most records in the ABA Area come from Florida and Texas, where the species has bred in the past. They are sporadic and prone to irruptions, in which they can even be locally common. Outside of Texas and Florida, the species is very rare, with records from Louisiana (4 previous) Georgia (1962), North Carolina (1982), Pennsylvania (1984), and Oklahoma (2017).