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#ABArare – Bahama Mockingbird – Florida

On October 10, Kyle Matera, Kenny Miller, and Marcello Gomes discovered an ABA Code 4 Bahama Mockingbird at Spanish River Park in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Spanish River Park is located east of Boca Raton, Florida, near the Gumbo LImbo Nature Center. From I-95 travel east on NW Spanish RIver Boulevard across the causeway to the barrier island. The park is open every day from 8 a.m. to sunset. Street parking is $4.00. The bird was seen in the tall pines above the trail, behind pavilion 9 and 10.

Bahama Mockingbird is large mocker, an inch longer than Northern Mockingbird, with narrow wingbars and brown, not gray back, with streaks on its flanks, a dark malar stripe, and a long tail.  It has dark lores, a mottled face with a pale supercilium, light gray underparts, and an outer tail tipped with white.  It is more secretive than Northerns and its song is repetitive, but it is not known to mimic other species. Although it is a range-restricted species – found in Cuba, the Bahama, and Jamaica – it is said to be expanding its range in the Bahamas. Bahama Mockingbird has been documented to hybridize with Northern Mockingbird (AB 46:414; NAB 60:368, 469).