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Free Thayer Birding Software for Young Birders!

Are you a young birder? Do you know a young birder? Peter Thayer, President of Thayer Birding Software, turned 70 this fall and he is celebrating in a spectacular way: by giving away free copies of his incredible birding software to young birders, no strings attached!

Happy 70th Birthday, Peter Thayer!

His ambitious goal, and one that the ABA is 100% behind, is to have one million kids download the FREE birding program and use it to get excited about nature and conservation.

Downloading the software is straightforward. Just go to the Thayer Birding website and follow these easy steps:

  1. Select your desired software version (Windows or Mac)
  2. When prompted, enter the code ABAYoungBirder

That’s it!

If you haven’t ever used the software before, you’re in for a treat. From identification help to quizzes to natural history information, it is a comprehensive tool for improving birding skills for beginners and experts alike. See the images below to learn more about what the software can do, and if you are a young birder, head on over to the Thayer Birding Website to get your free copy now.

***(Special note for college students and teachers: Thayer is offering a 50% discount with the codes Student or Teacher, respectively).***

Use the Identification Wizard to figure out what birds you saw.


Compare species side-by-side.


Use pre-made quizzes or create your own to improve your bird identification skills by sight and sound.


The entire contents of The Birder’s Handbook are included as part of the software, full of all kinds of valuable natural history facts.