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American Birding Podcast: The Internet of Wildlife with Mike Lanzone

One of the more exciting aspects of birding and birding science in the 21st Century has been the reveal of a great many secrets of bird movements and migration, much of it the result of technology. Increasingly small trackers that are fitted to various bird species enable scientists, and those of us on the sidelines, to follow along, sometimes in real time, with where these birds are going. Mike Lanzone s the 2017 recipient of the ABA’s Chandler Robbins Award for Conservation and Education, and he’s the co-founder and CEO of Cellular Tracking Technologies, the people who develop the devices and figure out the best way to use them. He joins me to talk about how it all works and what amazing things he has planned.

Also, the 2018 ABA Awards recipients are out, and they are an amazing group of birders, conservationists, and scientists. And I share some thoughts about that Central Park Mandarin Duck.

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