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#ABArare – White-throated Thrush – Arizona

On January 9, Linda Grant discovered an ABA Code 4 White-throated Thrush at Madera Canyon, in Pima County, Arizona. The bird has been seen by many birders since its discovery and is still present as ove yesterday (1/14). in addition to being a noteworthy bird in the ABA Area, this is a 1st state record for Arizona.

The bird has been seen just downslope from the Madera Canyon Picnic Area, north of Santa Rita Lodge on South Madera Canyon Road. In recent days it has been seen in the vicinity of the Whitehouse Picnic Area. Andrew Core has created and shared a detailed map showing where the bird is being seen at the ABA Rare Bird Alert Facebook group.

White-throated Thrush is a neotropical Turdus thrush similar in size and structure to American Robin. It ranges from southern Tamaulipas south to Ecuador, and is generally found in higher elevations but moves downslope in winter. In the ABA Area it is known from a few records in south Texas, the first in 1990, all of which have been in the winter. Almost half of the records in the ABA Area come from an influx of this species from Dec 2004-Mar 2005. This pattern is likely associated with cold snaps in the mountains of northern Mexico.