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Birder’s Guide to Travel, 2019

The 2019 issue of Birder’s Guide to Travel is just now beginning to arrive in members’ mailboxes. But you don’t have to wait until then to see what’s inside. And you don’t have to be an ABA member. You can see the entirety of this issue of Birder’s Guide right now. Simply click here. (Birder’s Guide is just one of the free resources that the ABA provides to the birding public.)

Travel means different things to different birders. For some, it’s a leisurely Sunday drive along Ontario’s South Coast Birding Trail. Others save up for years to go on a high seas adventure to Antarctica (like the ABA is doing next year). Some like to spend a relaxing week sunbathing in Cabo. And some rejuvenate their souls by taking an hour to wander around their local park in Beaumont, Texas.

However you travel, Birder’s Guide wants to help you find your joy. I hope that there is something of use and interest to you in this issue. If there’s not, please let us know what you’d like to see next time. Be sure to tell us what you liked here, as well, so that we can be sure to include similar content in the next Birder’s Guide to Travel. And as always, we love to hear from folks who want to offer their own advice in the form of an article. We depend on members’ contributions to make future issues a reality. You can reach me at or by leaving a comment below.


You can easily download the entire issue, or just certain pages, allowing you to read Birder’s Guide on your Nook, Kindle, or other tablet, when offline. Or your laptop, if you’re old-fashioned. Just click on the fourth button from the right in the toolbar above the e-magazine. (See image below.)