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Amazing Milestone for Guy McCaskie

How many bird species are on the official list of your state or province? If you’re an ABA member, there’s a decent chance that total is somewhat less than 500. Okay, now how many species have been reported from your county? There are a tiny handful of outliers, but the vast majority of U.S. and Canadian counties are well shy of 500. Needless to say, individual birders’ county lists are lower still.

With one notable exception.

Birders love to dissect and analyze things, and, no doubt, an analysis of McCaskie’s astonishing attainment is forthcoming. But not now. We’re still at the stage of awe and amazement. Like Babe Ruth’s “called shot,” Guy McCaskie’s 500th species in San Diego County is an instant, immortal classic.

Congratulations, Guy, on your supreme achievement—and good luck, from all of us at the ABA, as you get to work on your next 500!