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American Birding Podcast: Letters from Bird Camp with Jennie Duberstein & Robert Buckert

The ABA’s summer camps have long been an avenue for young birders to take in some excellent birding opportunities, to network with other young birders, and to learn about career opportunities in birding and ornithology. So many young people who have gone on to become influential in our community have come through ABA camps and other young birder camps, and many more consider it a seminal experience in their birding lives. Jennie Duberstein, ABA’s long-time Director of Camp Colorado and the Coordinator of the Sonoran Joint Venture bird conservation partnership and Robert Buckert, a young birder and recent Camp Colorado attendee from Rochester, New York, join me to talk about the camp experience both as a counselor and as a camper.

Also, Piping Plovers in Chicago threaten to derail a music festival and some thoughts on playback.

Thanks to the 2019 Hawai’i Island Festival of Birds for sponsoring this episode of the American Birding Podcast.