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The ABA Blog is Dead; Long Live The ABA Blog!

The ABA Blog launched all the way back in 2010 in a time of intense transition at the organization. Over the intervening decade it has been an integral part of the American Birding Association’s outreach strategy, providing an opportunity to learn about field marks and rare birds, to hear from our staff and friends, and to organize conservation initiatives.

But the internet is a different place these days and media consumption has changed. The characteristics that have defined “blogs” have largely been subsumed by social media. So we are changing too.

The ABA Blog will be archived at the end of the month. Starting in January 2020, we will be doing something different.

First, do not panic! The content that you have enjoyed this last decade is not going anywhere. You’ll still hear from all of us. We are integrating everything that you have come to enjoy from The ABA Blog into the main ABA website. So Birding Book Reviews, the American Birding Podcast, Ted Floyd’s How to Know the Birds; all of it will be found in a prominent place at, frequently in its own special portal. And yes, you can subscribe to the entire feed just like you did before. You can even comment like you did before (and we encourage that!).

The ABA Blog itself–all 3,000+ posts strong–will continue to exist in an archived form. All the links will still work. It’s just that we will no longer be adding to them.

We will be posting to both sites through the end of the year to make the transition as easy as possible. After that, you can find everything at our main website.

Thank you for 10 amazing years here at The ABA Blog. Onward and upward!

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