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Avian Interlopers

I hope that you enjoyed Noah Strycker's latest ABA Blog entry about camera trapping as much as I did.  Like Noah, I'm really enjoying the addition of motion-activated trail cameras to my bag of tricks. One of Forrest Gump's trademark quotes may well apply to camera trapping: "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know [read more…]

Night Moves

It is nice to see a pair of Barn Owls back for another season using a box I put up a few years ago in a friend's barn not too far from home.  I featured these barn owls in an earlier post, with still Infrared (IR) photos taken with a Reconyx Hyperfire HC500 trail camera.  I [read more…]

Crossley does Raptors

If you follow many bird blogs you may have noticed a lot of press recently for the upcoming Crossley ID guide to Raptors (scheduled for release in April- your order from Buteo Books helps support the ABA!) Crossley Books and Princeton University Press have coordinated a bird blog tour to introduce the book and I’m [read more…]

Spot Check

Bill Schmocker offers some tips on using your camera to get accurate counts of birds. [read more…]

Albuquerque Rally Bits

I've had the honor and pleasure of leading at the recently concluded ABA Winter Birding Rally in Albuquerque this week, and thought I'd share a few personal photographic highlights.  It is really nice to see the growing lineup of upcoming ABA offerings, and even more tantalizing events were announced at the final evening's dinner so [read more…]

Are your windows ready?

Bill Schmoker offers some not quite intuitive tips to get your windows ready for winter bird viewing and photography. [read more…]

Count Circle

Bill Schmoker reviews, and give a short demonstration of, the new Count Circle app. [read more…]

Let’s zoom in, shall we?

Bill Schmoker cranks up the zoom on his digi-scoping rig and makes a cool discovery. [read more…]

#ABArare – Hoary Redpoll – Colorado

Colorado (along with much of the northern US, to judge by eBird maps) is experiencing a massive irruption of redpolls this season, with flocks of dozens or even exceeding 100 being found in a state where usually just finding any is noteworthy.  

On 29 December, I was chuffed to see several redpolls on my [read more…]

Season’s Greetings!

Wishing you faithful readers all the best as 2012 wraps up.  I hope the remaining days of the year treat you well and maybe deliver a nice encore bird or two, and that 2013 holds many more great birding moments for us all!!  Catch you next year- Bill

[read more…]