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Ranching + Birding = Mountain Plovers

Think for just a moment about a typical birding festival.

Well, alright, each bird festival is special in its own way, proving once again that the brilliant and diabolical opening sentence of Anna Karenina is the greatest lie of all time. Nevertheless, there are a few points of commonality among bird festivals: a registration table, [read more…]

New Photo Quiz: May/June 2013 Birding

The May/June Birding photo quiz focuses on those classic birds of summer, Redpolls. [read more…]

Hic! Three Beers!

How well do you know your birds that call for beer? In this piece of supplemental content from the May/June issue of Birding, Diana Doyle has created a little quiz. [read more…]

Birding Online: May/June 2013 issue

We at Birding are quickly wrapping up production of the May/June 2013 issue, and we hope to have it in the mail to you shortly.

There’s one item, though, that we’d like to get in your hands immediately, and that’s Amy Davis’s “Sightings” column, with details on recent ABA Area records of a Fieldfare in [read more…]

Hawaii, Heard-only, Cats, and [‘]Okina[s]

Certain topics inevitably arouse the passions of ABA members. Should Hawaii be admitted to the ABA Area? Should heard-only birds count? Outdoor cats, anyone? And, as the latest issue of Birding once again attests (James Hill, “Details, Details,” p. 16), we birders sure get fired up about the proper care and handling of bird names. 

[read more…]

Surprising Song Sparrows

We noted yesterday that we at Birding delight in running articles with surprising content. Case in point: Paul Hess’s “News and Notes” in the current, January/February 2013 issue. Hess starts the coverage with an item on the recent falcons-aren’t-related-to-other-raptors news that has surprised so many of us. But it’s Hess’s second item, on the supposedly [read more…]

Why We Publish What We Publish

What are some of the factors that determine content for Birding magazine? For starters, Birding aims to give voice to the great diversity of real-life birders in North America and beyond. We’re always on the lookout for new contributors, and we’re especially keen on getting input from young birders. We seek content that applies new [read more…]

Photo Quiz, Jan./Feb. 2013 Birding, Part 3 of 3

Part 3 of the Jan/Feb photo quiz is here! Can you identify this bird? Join the discussion at the ABA Blog. [read more…]

The Rise of Young Birder Clubs

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Much has been written of late about the decline of “joiners.” The problem is especially acute, it [read more…]

Photo Quiz, Jan./Feb. 2013 Birding, Part 2 of 3

In Part 1 of the Jan./Feb. 2013 Birding Photo Quiz, we had to contend with twelve different ducks. This time it’s a whole lot easier. Just a single photo. Here:

The photo is from Granger, Williamson County, Texas, in mid-February.

Have at it!

P.s. And when you’re done with Parts 1 and 2 of [read more…]