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About the Cover: January/February 2013 Birding

Andrew Guttenberg, a junior at Montana State University, created the official artwork for the 2013 ABA Bird of the Year, which graces the cover of the January/February 2013 issue of Birding magazine. Here Guttenberg tells us about some experiences that have inspired his nighthawk art.

About the Cover: January/February 2013 Birding

by Andrew Guttenberg

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Photo Quiz, Jan./Feb. 2013 Birding, Part 1 of 3

Hello, everybody!

In keeping with recent tradition, we’re going to try to work out together some provisional answers to the Photo Quiz in the current (January/February 2013) issue of Birding magazine. The “official” answers, provided by QuizMaster Tom Johnson, will appear in the forthcoming March/April 2013 Birding. But there’s no reason we can’t discuss the [read more…]

Meet the ‘Elepaios

At the Mic: Eric VanderWerf

Eric’s post is a companion piece to his article in the July 2012 issue of Birding.


Cool/interesting things about ‘Elepaios that I have observed/learned during the past 20 years in which I have studied them:

1. They are bold and curious. They often investigate unusual sounds in [read more…]

The Rise of Greenbirding

By Scott Smithson

Scott's post is a companion piece to his article in the July 2012 issue of Birding, The Green Big Days. 


Thirty teams from 3 countries participated in the first international Green Big Day in 2011, and detailed reports of each effort can be found at

After the event, [read more…]

A Nunavut Adventure

Mark Maftei writes in depth about his time working in Nunavut in the May 2012 issue of Birding.


Well, the past year has gone by in a total blur, and the last week has been interesting to say the least – a spur of the moment decision to move a boat across [read more…]