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Non-birding Apps for Birders. Your Ideas?

What non-birding apps do you use while birding? In the most recent Tools of the Trade column (Birding, August 2015, pp. 58-61), I wrote about twelve categories of apps not intended for birding, but that are really handy in a birder’s mobile-device toolkit.

I’m sure I didn’t include all the ideas out there. So here [read more…]

Birding Aboard “SeaBC” Has Sailors Reporting Unusual Birds

Word is getting out among sailors worldwide to help report back on the birds they see at sea—and they are spotting some unusual birds, from the Caribbean to the Indian Ocean to the Arctic’s Northwest Passage. The “SeaBC” is a citizen science project coordinated by long-distance birdwatching sailors from around the world.

Reports are contributed [read more…]

16 Days and Counting!

Put down that Thanksgiving fork! You’ve probably eaten enough, but with family commitments you can’t sneak out to go birding. So now is the perfect time to get ready for the 114th Christmas Bird Count season, which begins on December 14th.

For ideas on new tools for Christmas Bird Counting, see Bill Schmoker’s post on [read more…]

Hitchhikers and the SeaBC

Last year I shared the concept of a “SeaBC” on the ABA Blog. The SeaBC Sea Bird Count is a citizen science project organized by a group of long-distance birding sailors from around the world, inspired by popular, long-standing land-based counts such as Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count (CBC) and the Census Bird Count (CBC) in [read more…]

Pocket Bird Recording: In the Field

In his book, The Singing Life of Birds, Donald Kroodsma has a chapter on songbirds with especially beautiful songs. The Wood Thrush and the Hermit Thrush make the cut—no surprise there. But some may be surprised to learn that Kroodsma ranks the Bachman’s Sparrow among the most gifted of songbird vocalists. “It is said that [read more…]


My “yard birds” include Brown Noddy, Audubon’s Shearwater, and Northern Fulmar. No, I’m not a lighthouse keeper! I live full-time on a cruising 34-foot catamaran.

But when it came time to give up the land home, that meant leaving behind my conservation projects. My birding was destined to be emptier without my IBA surveys, nest [read more…]