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Owl-seeker’s Code


[This gray morph Eastern Screech Owl responded to a whistled imitations during the 2010 Walnut Valley, NJ Christmas Bird Count. It's looking over its right shoulder, by the way, head turned about as far as an owl can go. . .photo by Don Freiday.]

Owls get a lot of attention from [read more…]

Layering Up and Down

[Short-eared Owl photographed over the marshes of NJ’s Cohansey River during a bitterly cold Cape May Bird Observatory Winter Marsh Raptor Survey, which involves repeated scans every fifteen minutes, from an hour before dark until a half-hour after – good warm gear is a must! Photo copyright Don Freiday.]

Since cold weather lays heavily [read more…]

First Outdoor Tips Blog – The First Layer

[Note: The folks at ABA have invited me to feature “outdoor tips” on the ABA blog, which I envision as topics related to successful birding that do not necessarily involve identifying birds, from clothing to gear to what to do in the field. People come to birding from a variety of backgrounds; some are already [read more…]