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ICYMI: Location, location, location… what’s in a name?

The ABA Blog has been in existence for almost 7 years, and there’s a lot of good content back in the archives that deserves an audience now that it might not have received way back when. So, semi-regularly we will bring some of that stuff back. Here’s one by Jeff Bouton on a common name [read more…]

2015 Champions of the Flyway: American Dippers and Songbird Trapping

Each year, birders flock to Eilat, Israel to enjoy a migratory spectacle unlike any in the world. Millions of raptors stream over in mixed kettles funneling through as the migrate between Africa & Europe / Asia each spring and fall in flights that boggle the imagination. Keen-eyed observers have to separate 10 different species of [read more…]

Birding in the digital age, chasing a modern day lifer.

View from on high

As a frequent business traveler, I combine birding and business travel regularly and over the years I’ve visited many areas of the US at varying times of the years. So much in fact, that as each successive year passes I find my memories of individual trips often blend together. [read more…]

Open Mic: Camp Colorado 2012, Déjà vu

Campers, photo by Bill Schmocker

Almost 25 years ago to the day I was traveling alone searching for birds in the state of Colorado for the first time. There was no internet or cell phones, nor any youth birding camps that I was aware of. I was following the sage written advice of Harold Holt [read more…]