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Notice of 2014 Annual Meeting + Update on ABA HQ Move

Campers from the Delaware Nature Society‘s Young Ornithologists camp pose for a photo outside the soon-to-be-open ABA HQ in Delaware City. We hope you’ll join us for the annual meeting here on Sep 21. Photo ©Joe Sebastiani

Summer is often thought of as a time when things slow down a bit. Not here [read more…]

New Jersey Audubon Seeks Director for Cape May Bird Observatory

Cape May Point by David Slack. Used under a Creative Commons license.


Here’s an incredible opportunity for the right person. And also some very big shoes to fill and bins to carry. Jobs like this tend not to open very often, so if you believe you have what it takes to helm [read more…]

ABA’s 2014 Bird of the Year Revealed!

Jay Lehman, left, and Neil Hayward, right, opening the envelope that reveals the ABA’s 2014 Bird of the Year

Over the weekend of January 5 and 6th, I was in eastern Massachusetts, ringing out the old and in the new. Liz and I got to bird with Dorian Anderson, who had just commenced [read more…]

ABA HQ Is Relocating in 2014! Join Us For A Big Announcement This Thursday!

The Central Hotel , built in Delaware City, Delaware circa 1830. In 2014, it will become the ABA’s new headquarters. Click on the photo for a MUCH larger view! Photo ©Jeffrey A Gordon

If you’re going to be anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic this Thursday, September 12, I invite you to join [read more…]

Ladies and Gentlemen, LIVE from Camp Avocet…Pish & Twitch!!!

A couple of the campers at Camp Avocet, Caleb Frome and Brendan Murtha, surprised us one afternoon by telling us that they had formed a band and that they had written some songs about birding. Billing themselves as Pish & Twitch, Brendan and Caleb, with assistance from William von Herff, brought the house down performing 5 song parodies with the lyrics reworked to joke about the joys and travails of birding. I invite you to watch them all and be as stunned as we were by the creativity of these young birders. [read more…]

Meet Matt Daw, the Guy Who Found the New Mexico Rufous-necked Wood-Rail

Matt Daw at Bosque del Apache on July 7, 2013, a day he won't soon forget! Photo ©Jeffrey A. Gordon

Word has been spreading quickly of a truly remarkable birding event: Matt Daw's discovery of a Rufous-necked Wood-Rail at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge near Socorro, New Mexico. Whatever the official [read more…]

ABA’s Periodicals, How Are We Doing?

ABA President Jeff Gordon wants to hear from you about the ABA’s periodicals. Come join the conversation! [read more…]

Remembering Betty Petersen / Recordando a Betty Petersen 1943 – 2013

Betty Petersen

The ABA family and the entire birding community lost one of its leading lights on the morning of June 4th when Betty Petersen of Hanson, Massachusetts, passed away. She had suffered a heart attack on May 20th.

La familia de ABA y toda la comunidad de observación de [read more…]

“The New ABA.” Are YOU Ready to Say It?

“The New ABA”! Are we there? Is there still ground to make up? Do we even need a new ABA? President Jeff Gordon wants to hear your thoughts. [read more…]

Video: Releasing a Rosy-Finch; Looking Out for their Future

ABA ralliers get up close and person with New Mexico’s rosy-finches, and the people who study them. [read more…]