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An Interview with 2012 ABA Bird of the Year Artist Andrew Guttenberg


I sat down with Andrew Guttenberg in the living room of his parent's home in Bozeman, Montana, to talk about his career as a birder and artist, his two cover paintings for Birding magazine, and of course, Common Nighthawks. I think you'll enjoy meeting this prodigiously talented young man.

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Join Me at the 2013 Point Reyes Birding Festival!

I’m honored and excited to be the keynote speaker at the 2013 Point Reyes Birding Festival, April 26 – 28.

Point Reyes is hallowed ground for birders. So many great people and so many great birds have come together there that the place has an undeniable magic. I haven’t spent nearly as much time [read more…]

Presenting the 2013 ABA Bird of the Year Art by Andrew Guttenberg

After Robert Mortensen's goofy, fun, 2013 Bird of the Year introduction yesterday, we'd like to present the lovely paintings that Andrew Guttenberg did for use in the Bird of the Year program. Above is the portrait that will grace the coming issue of Birding.

Below is the head study Andrew did on which [read more…]

Thank You and Happy New Year!

"Our" Great Gray Owl, near Kelly, Wyoming Dec 24, 2011

Dear ABA Members,

Greetings from cold, sunny, and beautiful Livingston, Montana!

Liz and I have been on a weeklong trip to the Greater Yellowstone region of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Our primary purpose in making the journey was to attend the [read more…]

The ABA Area Referendum Results: What’s Your Take?


Back in late July, I posted on this blog asking for discussion of one of the issues we at the ABA are questioned about most frequently: what, if any, expansion of the ABA Area boundaries ought to take place? I also asked for your feedback on how we ought to go about polling [read more…]

Video!: Greetings from the Governor and Thank You from the Kids!

George Armistead did a wonderful job earlier today with his photos from the weekend’s ABA events in Delaware. As a companion, here are two short videos, one from the Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference and one from the Annual Membership Meeting.

First, the Sep 23rd Membership Meeting: when I introduced Collin O’Mara, Delaware’s Secretary of Energy [read more…]

Remembering Jeri McMahon

All of us at the American Birding Association are saddened to learn of the death of Jeri McMahon this past Sunday. ABA’s Membership Experience Coordinator, Nancy Hawley, worked with Jeri’s friends and family to put together this biographic sketch and the special memorial that accompanies it.

Farewell, Jeri. Thanks for your many contributions to the [read more…]

2012 Proxy Update (And What To Do If Yours Hasn’t Arrived)

By now, all active ABA members should have received a 2012 ABA proxy ballot, along with a letter from me and Board Chair, Lou Morrell. That ballot also includes the non-binding referendum on possible expansion of the ABA Area, as well as an invitation to what is shaping up to be a very interesting and [read more…]

Scenes From Mel and Jeanne’s 600th Party!

Yesterday, we had a great open mic post from Mel Goff, our volunteer librarian. In it, he recounted his recent trip with his wife, Jeanne, to Alaska.


Mel Goff, ABA's volunteer librarian, as we're used to seeing him every Wednesday

If you read Mel's post (and if you haven't, go do it!) you [read more…]

Pledge to Fledge: The Best Thing You Can Do This Weekend


School children in Wilderness, Western Cape, South Africa earlier today participating in Pledge to Fledge. Photo courtesy Keith Barnes.

It's August 24, the first day of the first Pledge to Fledge event. If you've somehow missed the buzz surrounding this event, take a look at Richard Crossley's post here from last week. [read more…]