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The ABA Will Be At Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival—Will You?


Pt. Reyes Festival group by Jane Hart


The Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival is a wonderful new addition to the roster of spring birding festivals. This will be the Festival’s third year and it is well worth attending, as ABA Board Member Robin Leong can attest. He’ll be representing us there [read more…]

ABA Bird of the Year 2012: The Grosbeak Flock

If you haven’t seen our extremely goofy “reveal” video for the 2012 ABA Bird of the Year, it’s here.

Now that the bird is out of the bag, I wanted to introduce you to a few of the people who have been working hard to make this year’s Bird of the Year program even bigger [read more…]

Announcing the 2012 ABA Bird of the Year!


What's it gonna be? photo by Jeffrey Gordon

 The wait is finally over! After inaugurating the ABA Bird of the Year program last March with the American Kestrel, we're thrilled to announce our totem bird for 2012. Watch the video below to find out!


Of course, this is only the beginning. You're [read more…]

Join the ABA at The Biggest Week 2012!

Having been a resident of the Front Range for just a little more than a year, people frequently ask me if I miss, “back home,” in my case, Delaware. And while Liz and I are thrilled to be living in Colorado, there are some things we do miss. My (partial) list includes family and old [read more…]

The ABA Is Seeking An Awesome Birding Events Coordinator: Is It You Or Someone You Know?


 Birders out there having fun in the warm California sun at ABA's Half Moon Bay Event, October, 2011


The ABA, almost from its inception, has had a strong tradition of pioneering and offering wonderful birding events for its members. A compilation of all the amazing stories, hilarious to hair-raising, from [read more…]

ABA’s Young Birder of the Year Contest Gets Even More Exciting!

David Sibley. Sophie Webb. Richard Crossley.  What do these names have in common? If you said that they've written and/or illustrated groundbreaking bird identification guides or been leading lights in the birding community, you'd of course be correct. But they're also volunteering their valuable time and invaluable expertise helping to mentor the next generation of birding [read more…]

Video: Richard Crossley on Making Birding Bigger in America

Two of the many things that I love about working the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival: I always get to hang out and visit with a bunch of fun, interesting birders and there are great birding opportunities very close by, so it’s often possible to sneak in an hour or so of wildlife watching [read more…]

Thanks for a Wonderful Year; Let’s Make 2012 Even Better!

Me at the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, May, 2011. Photo by Liz Gordon.

The year’s end is a traditional time for looking back and taking stock. But even more exciting is looking forward with the confidence that one has good times ahead: birds to see, people to [read more…]

Season’s Greetings from All of Us at the ABA!

Red-crowned Parrots, known for their intelligence and sociability, two qualities they share with birders.

It’s a very special blessing to be a birder and to know not only the wonder of birds but also the joy of sharing the greatest hobby in the world with the greatest people in the world.

This [read more…]

ABA Auctions Are Up!

Those auctions I previewed Monday are up on eBay!

Right now, there are 3, all pretty darn spectacular:

1. The original American Kestrel at Tikal by Louise Zemaitis, which ends Friday, Dec 9th.

 2. The Giclée print of the Cuban Trogons by Nils Navarro, which ends Saturday, Dec 10th.

3. The 1934 First edition, [read more…]