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48 Hour Sale: Join or Renew Online Through Nov 30th and Save $10

We know it's a busy time of year. There's a million things going on and a billion things competing for your attention and your money.

But in all the hubbub, we want to make sure that you don't forget to join the ABA or to renew your membership with us. So to make that [read more…]

Cyber Monday Sneak Peek: ABA Holiday Auctions!

I know a lot of you are going to have one eye on work this morning and one eye on the deals that online retailers are offering for Cyber Monday.

And in case you're looking for something a little more distinctive than an iPod or a tie rack, we're giving you a sneak peek [read more…]

Robert Mortensen Joins the ABA Team as Bird of the Year Coordinator!

I have some great news! Today, we’re officially welcoming Robert Mortensen as the coordinator of the ABA Bird of the Year program.

Many of you already know Robert as the host of, a multi-author blog sharing enthusiasm for birds and birding. He’s seen Tweeting below in a photo by Kelly Riccetti.

A new ABA [read more…]

ABA Co-Sponsored Changing the Face of American Birding Conference to Be Streamed Live!


Back in early September, Dave Magpiong did an open mic post here on the Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding Conference he's organized for this weekend in Philadelphia. I was proud to have the ABA sign on as a co-sponsor of the event as I believe that broadening the appeal of birding to include [read more…]

The Big Year: Time To Dance!

Liz and me flanking Mark Obmascik, author of the book, The Big Year, outside the theater showing the film. Man, I can really hear that robin well through Steve/Stu’s binoculars!

Well, we did it. Liz and I went to see The Big Year movie twice in one day. First, in a nearly-empty theater in [read more…]

The Biggest Challenge for The Big Year

This morning, I gave a solid thumbs up to The Big Year movie. I totally stand by that verdict. For me, it was entertaining and fun, though with some some serious flaws. But I’m a middle-aged guy that’s been birding since he was 12.

Here’s where the movie is going to have the hardest time: [read more…]

Five Word Review of The Big Year for Birders: GO SEE IT! WITH FRIENDS!

I saw The Big Year, at midnight this morning in Colorado Springs. My bottom line: if you're a birder, you'll love watching it. Even the stuff they get wrong is entertaining, and the amazing amount of stuff they get right is so, so much fun!

There will be plenty of time for debate about the [read more…]

Want to See Who Won the ABA Big Year Competition for 2010? For 1998? The Answers Are Here!

It's really, really cool to see how much attention ABA Big Years, and birding in general, are getting right now. To all of the organizations and individuals that are talking up birding, and trying to capture some of the surge of interest that is swirling around it right now, I say welcome, and thank you. [read more…]

ABA Goes to See The Big Year at Midnight Thursday in Colorado Springs; When Are You Going?


Me with an "old school" copy of TBY. Some of us have been into this Big Year stuff for quite a while 😉      photo by Liz Gordon

Preliminary reviews of The Big Year movie are trickling in. Joe Roller of Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory posted an enjoyable and informative (and favorable!) review yesterday [read more…]

ABA’s Ned Brinkley Makes Birders’ Voices Heard En Français: Some Reason for Hope for Guadeloupe Shorebirds

The tagged Whimbrel “3C” in Chile by Pablo A. Cáceres

In my “Birding Together” column in the July issue of Birding, I wrote about Whimbrel 3C, and how a group of Chilean birders went out to see it, not because it was an unusual species there (it wasn’t) or just generally liking Whimbrels. They [read more…]