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iPhone App: BirdTunes Gives Rapid, Uncluttered Access to Bird Songs

$9.99 NatureSound Studio One of the most refreshing apps to come onto the market in 2010 is BirdTunes, an iPhone app that plays an impressive repertoire of bird sounds for 674 North American bird species (2,400 songs in all).

I say ‘refreshing’ because while it boasts an encyclopedic library of bird songs and [read more…]

Crimson-collared Grosbeak in the Rio Grande Valley

So you can imagine how excited birders were to hear an “Important news announcement” over the PA system that a Crimson-collared Grosbeak had been spotted at Valley Nature Center in Weslaco, Texas. [read more…]

The Voices of Birding

As birders, we’re trained to listen to the voices of birds. To cup our ear in the direction of the forest and pick out a singular song that captures our attention. Some voices are so sonorous we could listen to them all day. Others are sweet and make us smile. Some challenge us and what [read more…]