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Nemesis Birds – Part 1, Owls

It seems that once I started birding seriously (as opposed to just going out to see what I could see), I have always had nemesis birds, birds that I just could not find but that just had to be there somewhere. It is an ongoing fact of life, and I know it will always be [read more…]

Being Forced to Bird

No one else is forcing me to bird – I am forcing myself to bird. When I decided to do my Alaska big year, I determined that I would bird (or try to bird) at least a little bit every single day of the year, if at all humanly possible. Never before have I tried [read more…]

Ode to Owls

No, not an ode actually, just a blog post about owls (I just like alliteration).

Many of us who are ABA members (as well as other birders, of course) not only like (or love) birds, but we also might be said by others to have a bird obsession. I admit that I have such an [read more…]

What is the Point?

Although this is not the first time the question has come to me, maybe this time the thought crossed my mind because it’s February in Alaska. No matter how motivated one is about something (and believe me I’m motivated about my Alaska big year), a tiny thought can creep in at times – now why [read more…]

January Gems

As many of you probably know, I am doing an Alaska big year. As the year goes along, I don’t plan to do a detailed report on this ABA blog, I am going to summarize my January birding here to give you a taste of the possibilities of winter birding in Alaska. You can read [read more…]

Expectations–Stop and Smell the Roses

When you walk out the door to go birding do you have specific expectations of what bird(s) you want to see and specific plans on how to see the bird(s) you are hoping to see? Or do you just go to a nice habitat, like a woodlot or a seashore or a marsh or the [read more…]

Lifer Locations

Even if you may have only recently begun birding, if you have birded with anyone else you probably know what a “lifer bird” is. Non-birders usually look quizzically at you when you exult over a lifer, but birders know. Many of them are working on their life list, and some of them do most of [read more…]

Did You Remember to Turn Off the Oven?

Every time I leave the house, even just to go to the grocery store, the old habit of asking myself this type of question comes to mind. (I was actually going to entitle this “did you remember to unplug the iron” but how many of us actually do any ironing nowadays?)

This blog post is [read more…]

Stranger in the Strange Land

I know it’s a trite saying, but most of my big years have been done as a stranger in a strange land. The only exceptions were my second Texas big year and my South Dakota Pennington County big years.

My first Texas big year, which was my first big year ever, did not start out [read more…]

Taking a Sort of Break from Bird-Centeredness

What is missing from the above picture? If you are a birder, you might say “birds”. This picture shows the next-to-last version of a painting that I did this year and this is how it looked before I finally added the birds that I had planned all along to put in the picture, but [read more…]