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Happening NOW: Return of the Brown Boobies

The fall of my freshman year of college I went home to Baltimore to snag what remain my coolest yard birds: a pair of Brown Boobies. In the late summer of that year a pair of these tropical sulids appeared in the Baltimore Inner Harbor—almost as close to downtown as geographically possible. They became quite [read more…]

Happening NOW: North American Birds Changes are Upon Us

Mid-summer is well upon us. Post-breeding dispersal is underway at this writing and shorebird migration has begun, while rarities continue to pepper the North American continent. These have ranged from local notables to the mind-numbingly exciting Antillean Palm-Swift in Florida. There are a great number of exhilarating and worthy avian topics for this installment of [read more…]

Happening NOW: Summer of Southern Flycatchers

Late last week a comment of a Facebook post in a Rare Bird Alert group caught my eye; the post itself highlighted a Fork-tailed Flycatcher that had been found in Atlantic County, New Jersey and the comment was quite simple: “what the heck is going on with tyrannids this year?” I thought about it for [read more…]

Happening NOW: Western Tanagers Invade the Midwest

There are some birds we think of as being inherently prone to irruptive behavior. The winter finches are a famous example, as are Snowy Owls, Rough-legged Hawks, and a handful of other, mostly northern species. Western Tanagers are not one of these species. While prone to vagrancy, the patterns of vagrancy they undergo tend to [read more…]

Happening NOW: Wilson’s Plovers WInging North

As I was packing for an international trip recently, I received a text from the Maryland rare bird alert that almost made me drop my pre-travel plans. At Assateague Island, on the other side of the state, a Wilson’s Plover had just been seen and a short time later a second bird appeared to be [read more…]

Happening NOW: Delaware Bay Shorebirds Provide a Study in Local Status & Distribution

If you live in any close proximity to the Delaware Bay, there is one question that you will see a lot of this time of year on birding and bird photography Facebook pages: where have Red Knots been sighted lately? The short answer, at least for the moment, is “nowhere.” It will be a little [read more…]

Happening NOW: Have You Checked In With Florida Lately?

But, really… Have you? If you’ve been following any of the many Facebook rarity groups, the weekly RBA on this blog, or eBird rarity alerts, you’ve likely noted that for several months now, Florida has been dominating the rarity scene. From the Black-tailed Gull and the just-found Key West Quail-Dove in Volusia County to fascinating, [read more…]

Happening NOW: Alcid Invasion on the East Coast

With Jerald Reb

Several years ago from Ocean City Inlet in Worcester County, Maryland I was standing at the end of a long exposed jetty. It was a bitterly cold and excessively windy day. As I watched, every now and then a few small, black-and-white shapes hurtled out of the surf and shot up the [read more…]

Happening NOW: There’s Something Happening Somewhere; Let’s Talk About That

Right now it’s snowing. That is the quick and easy summation of what is happening now in downtown Baltimore on this chilly, gusty Wednesday afternoon. I haven’t seen a bird yet today, despite spending an inordinate amount of time staring out my living room window into the trees in m

y apartment complex’s courtyard. As [read more…]

Happening NOW: Irruption of Winter Finches Underway

In July, a small, charismatic passerine began arriving at feeders and migrant traps in the mid-Atlantic and southeast—well outside its breeding range. Birding listervs, text groups, eBird rarity alerts, and the like lit up with the news: Red-breasted Nuthatches were on the move. Though it was still mid-summer at the time, this clued birders for [read more…]