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Common Nighthawk Weekend

Common Nighthawk by ABA member Caroline Lambert

According to the eBird frequency graph shown here, this very weekend is the peak time for birders to see Common Nighthawks in much of the ABA Area. ABA member Lillian Stokes reports an epic migration flight of CONI’s from last weekend. Given the [read more…]

Common Nighthawk Multimedia Art Contest Announcement

Official Bird of the Year Art Contest Website

Blog Birding #119

Robert Mortenson curates the best of the week’s bird writing on the web. [read more…]

Presenting the 2013 ABA Bird of the Year!

It’s here! [read more…]

Which species will be the 2013 ABA Bird of the Year?!

The announcement of the 2013 BOY is imminent. Check back Monday morning, January 7th, for the official announcement! [read more…]

Long Live the Evening Grosbeak!

This month concludes the very impressive reign of the Evening Grosbeak as the 2012 ABA Bird of the Year. Could we have chosen a better year to highlight this amazing bird?! We are getting reports from folks seeing Evening Grosbeaks in places they've not been seen in thirty years. One might imagine that Jeffrey [read more…]

Bird of the Year Art Contest Results!

The ABA Bird of the Year Multimedia Art Contest results are in! Congratulations to all the participants and huge thanks to the prize sponsors.

1st Place  Brian Gatlin – Grand Canyon, AZ Prize: Eagle Optics Ranger ED 8×42 1st Place – Youth Courtney Moore, age 14, Vestal, NY Prize: A Birder’s 10-book collection from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2nd Place – Tie [read more…]

Birders can contribute to Evening Grosbeak science right now!

Contributions by Ned Brinkley, Ted Floyd, and Jeff Wells.

photo by Courtney Moore, age14, Vestal, NY One of the great submissions to the ABA Bird of the Year Multimedia Art Contest

Evening Grosbeak is a species as enigmatic as it is striking. When many thousands of them descended upon feeding stations in the East from [read more…]

Bird of the Year Multimedia Art Contest Reminder



Official Contest Page

ABA Bird of the Year: Multimedia Art Contest Announced!

To celebrate the ABA 2012 Bird of the Year, the Evening Grosbeak we present an all out, no holds barred, multimedia art contest for ABA members. Entries should focus on the Evening Grosbeak and may include original photography, artwork, video (3 minutes or less), music, poetry …pretty much anything that can be emailed and posted on websites. [read more…]