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Evening Grosbeak Blog Carnival

What an exciting week it has been online at the ABA! This blog and the ABA Facebook page have been hoppin'. The roll-out of Birding News is thrilling. This past week we've also been sharing on the social networks several blog posts from ABA members featuring the ABA Bird of the Year for 2012, the Evening [read more…]

Your Turn: Evening Grosbeaks

Have you seen the Photo Salon in the May issue of Birding yet? What fantastic images from wonderfully talented bird photographers and what a great showcase for the ABA's 2012 Bird of the Year.

At the end of the article, Birding editor Ted Floyd invites us all to share by asking "What's your Evening Grosbeak [read more…]

Upcoming Bird of the Year Event!

Friday May 25th through Monday May 28th is the Evening Grosbeak Weekend Out, one of the celebration events tied to the ABA Bird of the Year program this year. It’s an opportunity for birders everywhere to get outside and look for Evening Grosbeaks and all other feathered beings too. More importantly it’s an opportunity to [read more…]

American Kestrel Memories

Did you enjoy Clay Sutton’s article “Killy Killy No More” in the most recent issue of Birding as much as I did?! Some of the information he shares about kestrel declines in the mid-Atlantic and the reasons behind them are discouraging. The article certainly carries a nostalgic, yet somber tone throughout. I really appreciated Clay’s [read more…]

ABA Bird of the Year Outreach

One of my goals as coordinator for the ABA Bird of the Year program is to tap into the strength and creativity of our membership with grassroots efforts. There are opportunities out there just waiting for us to educate and inform the public. Simple things we can do to reach out and extend our [read more…]

Get Your American Kestrel ABA BoY Badge!

We’re not going to let the American Kestrel, the first ABA Bird of the Year, pass on without an aggressive and strong finish! Just so you know, we plan to have the American Kestrel carry on its reign as “Bird of the Year” until March. It more than deserves its full twelve months in the [read more…]