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Where’s Walda?

Marooned in Nebraska due to weather, Ted Eubanks finds solace along the Platte River. [read more…]

Inscrutable Whiteness

Washington Monument by TLE

The National Association for Interpretation (NAI), the professional organization for park rangers, guides, and educators, not to mention those who help you in museums, zoos, and the like, met in Hampton Roads last week. I presented, met a few friends, and caught up on the coming and goings in [read more…]


My birding is patched. I have patches in my backyard, patches where I work, and patches where I travel. Patches are large and small, rural and urban, green and not-so-green, wet and dry.

I like patch birding. I can get my arms around a patch. I can slip a patch into my pocket. In my [read more…]

Beautiful Truths

The flight to Miami is squeezed. I dread the leg to Grenada. With age my ass is wider, my joints less pliable, and the seats skinnier. Thankfully the woman in the next seat is emaciated. The skies are friendly; I can’t say the same for the hired help.

My fellow fliers run the gamut [read more…]

Toads in the Tureen

Global warming…global climate change…the global economy…globalization…think global and act local.

Global, like sustainable, has devolved to a modifier, to a hashtag. Slap global in front of a noun and the word sags from the added gravitas. Global climate change sounds important, while “local” climate change is insubstantial. Global terrorism is scarier than “your [read more…]

Dancing with Mr D

Bird by bird I’ve come to know the earth…Pablo Neruda

The name says it. Aves Caribe (The Caribbean Birding Trail) is all about birds. Birds serve as a pathway to nature, and delineate a trail to lead the adventurous to truths behind the obvious. Birds are colorful, active, gregarious, and engaging. Who can resist a [read more…]

Darwin’s Denial in the Comforted Forest

Evolution is fact. Climate change is fact. The two are racing ahead on a collision course. Now is the time for Dudley to do right. [read more…]

Nat and the Jilguero

Santo Domingo is pandamoniacal. Order is abandoned. Cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and pedestrians vie for their piece of the roadway without recognition that the white lines in the street actually delineate something. The city is more stampede than herd.

Dominican chaos doesn’t diminish outside of the capital; only the number of people spinning through [read more…]

Sand Tracks

The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway (Byway) stretches along Highway 2 from Grand Island to Alliance, Nebraska. The Byway begins east of the 98th Meredian, at the edge of the humid, forested east. The Byway ends west of the 100th Meredian, in the arid, treeless grasslands of the west. With each mile a different sentence in [read more…]

The Here and Now in America

The singer is Japanese, the slack guitarist Anglo, and the dancers Swiss. Tonight we (we being the National Association for Interpretation) celebrated a slice of Hawaiian culture, music, food, and dance. Kuma Keala Ching led his hybrid aggregation in a series of kahiko (the original, pre-1893 hula) dances, with the foreign-born performers laboring for authenticity [read more…]