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Bolivar Bill

There isn’t much to recommend Bolivar Peninsula, Texas. The slender spit of sand that extends from High Island to Port Bolivar, Bolivar is not quite third world but is trying to be. Bolivar, if at all, is known for hurricanes and a crab festival.

And birds. Sandwiched between spent oilfields, beer joints, and the storm-ravaged [read more…]

The Bird And The Bush

With a bird, we can move people to the bush. From the bush we can move to the trail, from the trail to the park, from the park to the forest. With a bird, we have a beginning. Without a bird, we have only an end. [read more…]

Stupid Is As Stupid Does (California Dreamin’)

Wouldn’t you expect birders to be among the first to grab the pitchforks and storm the Bastille when these special places are threatened? Shouldn’t birding, of all of the wildlife-associated recreations, be the most hypersensitive, the most attuned, to any threats to public lands and access to them? Equestrians are. Mountain bikers are. ATVers are. Snowmobilers are. Hunters and anglers are. All of their representative organizations are. Where are we? I do not believe that I have ever quoted Forest Gump before now. I doubt that I will again. But, with some alteration, stupid is as stupid does (or doesn’t). [read more…]

The Fallen Heirs

America’s public lands are among the most perfect expressions of the American democracy. Within a public space every person is an equal. Our public places tell the American story, promising every person, no matter his station in life, a personal stake in our country’s patrimony. The GOP’s reneging on this promise for political expediency and partisan pandering is a betrayal of what the party once believed to be the most glorious heritage a people ever received. [read more…]

The Jerk

When responsible birders refuse to act, the jerks win. [read more…]

First, Do No Harm (Addendum 2)

According to a recent NASA report, greenhouse gases, not the sun, are driving global climate change. According to the article,

A recent, prolonged lull in the sun’s activity did not prevent the Earth from absorbing more solar energy than it let escape back into space, a NASA analysis of the Earth’s recent energy [read more…]

First, Do No Harm (Addendum)

I hate to barge in, but I thought that I would share a new interpretation of global climate change data. This is from NASA, and shows, both graphically and in animation, the degree of global average surface temperature change since 1880. Please be sure to take a look at the animation. I hope that presentations [read more…]

First, Do No Harm

The earth is a globe; we live on its surface. Continue walking in any direction and eventually you will return to where your started. One person’s “away” is another’s “here and now.” Let’s live like it. [read more…]

A Rude Awakening From A Large-billed Sparrow

My childhood is being smothered by the fog of time. I recall a few key events; an Easter egg birthday cake; slicing through a sliding plain glass door (the days before safety glass); listening to the news of Sputnik while traveling to my grandmother’s for a holiday. Otherwise my childhood is an odd mingling [read more…]

Life Just Is

I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,

I really love to watch them roll…John Lennon

Most years the wheels roll smoothly. Flowers bloom and die. Trees bud and leaves fall. Birds arrive and depart. This relentless force, life, slouches forward.

I understand why people credit this force to a god. [read more…]