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Who Can See a Toucan? You Can! — Free!

Who wants a free birding trip to Panama? Who wants a free birding trip to Trinidad & Tobago? Who wants a free world-class Zeiss Victory SF binocular?

It’s time to get your friends and extended family to join the ABA. There are just 4 months left in our membership recruitment contest. This is a separate [read more…]

The Aug/Sept ABA Membership Prize is a 3-Night Stay at Casa de San Pedro

Throughout the year, the ABA has been holding prize drawings for those who join, renew, gift a membership, or recruit new members into the organization. The July winners of the two sets of ABA State Field Guides were John Mitchell of Philadelphia, PA and Bill Lambert & Alexandra McQuade of Fort Wayne, IN. If you [read more…]

Panama Canal Cruise With Jeff and Liz

Cruise ships are the new hot thing in birding circles. Repositioning cruises up the Pacific coast offer fabulous opportunities to find deep-sea pelagic species with all the comforts of a ship-borne vacation, and trips to the Caribbean can be great chances to catch up with endemic Caribbean species. And now you can cruise with the [read more…]

Announcement of the 2016 Annual Member Meeting

In accordance with the bylaws of the American Birding Association, the Board of Directors has set the date for the next Annual Meeting of the Members of the Association for Friday, October 28, 2016. The official Notice of the Meeting and the Proxy will be distributed to members on or after August 29, 2016, but [read more…]

Open Mic: How birds change lives…an invitation to Honduras!

At the Mic: Alexander Alvarado

Alexander Alvarado with his daughter, Debby

August 2006 and I was seated at reservations office of a Hotel in Copan, my office was facing the parking lot where many orioles, motmots, tanagers, euphonias, jays and robins were jumping around in the gardens everyday.

I would be distracted by [read more…]

The ABA India Safari – Tigers & Taj behind us, and Penguins ahead!

Ellen, Mike and Rachel locate a Bengal Tiger! The ABA teamed up again with Rockjumper Birding Tours to bring members together for the India Safari.

India is unique. It defies easy summary. A sea of humanity and a land of stark contrasts, it overwhelms. At times characterized as an assault on the senses [read more…]

Come Visit the ABA!

One of the more exciting things about our move from Colorado to Delaware is that now the ABA offices are smack dab in the middle of some of the most exciting birding spots in North America. All that means that birders are coming through our backyard with some regularity. Why not stop by and say [read more…]

Join the ABA in India, or Closer to Home!

Last Call for India! Just a couple spots left for the ABA India Safari: Taj, Tigers and Birding (sign up now!). Perhaps the world’s richest cultural landscape, and famous for its rich birdlife and mammalian megafauna, including the regal Bengal Tiger, this ABA Event starts and ends in the capital, New Delhi. We’ll visit two [read more…]

Helping One Birder at the American Birding Expo

Shyan was a server at the Columbus Brewing Company, a restaurant that became popular with birding industry folks at the American Birding Expo last week. She couldn’t help but notice the steady stream of optics reps and international guides and environmental non-profit staff that funneled through the restaurant every evening, every one of them taking [read more…]

Reflections on the American Birding Expo

Last weekend was the inaugural edition of the American Birding Expo in Columbus, Ohio, and by all accounts it was a great success.

The idea for an event like this, an American response to the venerable British Birdfair, has been kicking around for years. North America has a huge community of birders, many of them [read more…]