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The evolution of county listing

Inveterate county lister Drew Weber attempts to explain the rise of this phenomenon from sea to shining sea. [read more…]

Do You See What I See? A New Visual Search Tool from Google

Google is a remarkable resource for many things, but can it help us identify birds? Ann Nightingale investigates. [read more…]

Count Circle

Bill Schmoker reviews, and give a short demonstration of, the new Count Circle app. [read more…]

Birding with Children

Giving parenting advice, I realize, can be a great way to make enemies. Just ask any mother-in-law. Better yet, just ask the recipient of any such advice: Ask any daughter-in-law. For sure, the dispensers of parenting advice—from Amy Shua to Focus on the Family to mothers-in-law everywhere—are generally hated.

Same thing, I have found, with [read more…]

Mic up that iPhone: Follow Up

I think I still have a ways to go before I'd call myself an authority on using an iPhone (or similar device) to produce bird recordings, but I've learned a lot since my initial post on this topic about a month ago.  Let me comment on three aspects of acquiring bird sounds on an iPhone.

[read more…]

BirdsEye BirdLog- have it yet?

< Side Note:  I'm still working on some stuff to refine recording bird vocalizations on my iPhone and will update that in my next ABA Blog installment.>

After a quiet "soft launch" period, BirdsEye recently announced a new app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch) & Android that lets users input checklists to eBird directly from their [read more…]

Happy Holidays

I hope you all had a great holiday season and wish you a happy new year!

I have had a few recent emails about my last Geared for Birding column in Winging It. Some regarded difficulty with some of the TinyURL links for some of the gear ideas I listed. Here are [read more…]

Spencer Schaffner: Binocular Vision

Spencer Schaffner’s Binocular Vision starts from the simple and important observation that field guides—like all texts—“do cultural work.” Behind and beyond their stated purposes, field guides affirm assumptions and create expectations in their users; Binocular Vision is a critical exploration of those assumptions and expectations, and many of the conclusions the book offers will [read more…]

Figuring Out Furry Friends Just Got Easier

OK- I know this is a bird-oriented blog, but about any birder I know also is interested in lots of natural history including the wild mammals we encounter on our birding endeavors. I’ll admit to several birding trips I’ve been on, both alone or as a group leader, where a mammal was the day’s highlight. [read more…]

BirdsEye App Coming to Android…and the World

I assume most of the folks reading this blog are familiar with the mobile app called BirdsEye. BirdsEye was the first (and still the only) app to sync with data in the eBird database at Cornell Lab of Ornithology. By displaying bird location data from eBird onto an expandable map, BirdsEye shows you what birds [read more…]