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Charismatic, Colorful, Diverse

A review by Edward H. Burtt, Jr.

The Warbler Guide, by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle

Princeton University Press, 2013

560 pages, $29.95—softcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books 13877

This is a book that every serious birder should own.

There. Now that I’ve stated my conclusion, let me tell you why.

Tom Stephenson and Scott [read more…]

Avian Interlopers

I hope that you enjoyed Noah Strycker's latest ABA Blog entry about camera trapping as much as I did.  Like Noah, I'm really enjoying the addition of motion-activated trail cameras to my bag of tricks. One of Forrest Gump's trademark quotes may well apply to camera trapping: "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know [read more…]

Do You See What I See? A New Visual Search Tool from Google

Google is a remarkable resource for many things, but can it help us identify birds? Ann Nightingale investigates. [read more…]

A New Standard for the ‘Stans

Steve Rooke reviews the new standard for Central Asia. [read more…]

Let’s zoom in, shall we?

Bill Schmoker cranks up the zoom on his digi-scoping rig and makes a cool discovery. [read more…]

Kaufman and Kaufman: Field Guide to Nature of New England

I used to dream of a field guide that would let me identify everything I saw, a childish fantasy I gave up long ago: no book, no library can ever come close, not even for so relatively circumscribed and so relatively uniform a landscape as New England. Those six states are a big place, and [read more…]

Certainty, Experts, and Confirmation

A couple of friends and I were birding around Jamaica Bay in New York a few years ago. We came upon a couple of people, a man and a woman, looking out over the water and discussing a bird perched in plain view, but a bit distantly, out in the marsh. They didn’t seem to [read more…]

Been Banding Lately?

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting an educational bird banding station run by the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory at Barr Lake State Park, just northeast of Denver.  Meredith McBurney and her team of volunteers do a fantastic job of engaging school groups, bird club trips, individual birders, and passers-by (the banding table is [read more…]

Why Is Sound So Hard?

One of the skills most birders use is the ability to recognize birds by the sounds they make. In most bird groups (seabirds being an obvious exception), each species (and sometimes subspecies or regional variations or even individuals) can be recognized by the sounds that it makes. If you've spent much time around serious birders, [read more…]

Dutson: Birds of Melanesia

Few even are the birders who, on hearing a mention of Melanesia, can confidently put their fingers on the map. Fewer still are the birders who will actually get to visit this vast stretch of tropical islands, extending from New Guinea to Fiji off the northern and eastern coast of Australia.

Whether we know [read more…]