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BirdsEye BirdLog- have it yet?

< Side Note:  I'm still working on some stuff to refine recording bird vocalizations on my iPhone and will update that in my next ABA Blog installment.>

After a quiet "soft launch" period, BirdsEye recently announced a new app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch) & Android that lets users input checklists to eBird directly from their [read more…]

What is happening to Evening Grosbeaks?

Evening Grosbeak feeding on box elder seeds.

In the summer of 1981, when my husband and I moved into our house in Duluth, Minnesota, Evening Grosbeaks instantly became woven into the fabric of my daily life. They were the first birds I heard calling in the trees as we lugged boxes and furniture [read more…]

The Evolution of a Birder

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about birders–specifically, the various kinds of birders we are, have been, and will become. When I think back across my life as a birder, I can see how own my skill level has progressed, but perhaps more interestingly how my mentality has changed as it relates to the bird [read more…]

After the Birding Interview

I was recently interviewed for a profile in the current issue of Birding, and now I'm an ABA blogger! This is all a great honor, but also very humbling and scary, because I know better birders than I who have yet to receive the same recognition. (You can read a PDF of the Birding article [read more…]

Get Your American Kestrel ABA BoY Badge!

We’re not going to let the American Kestrel, the first ABA Bird of the Year, pass on without an aggressive and strong finish! Just so you know, we plan to have the American Kestrel carry on its reign as “Bird of the Year” until March. It more than deserves its full twelve months in the [read more…]

eBird launches Version 3–It’s faster, easier, and free for birders everywhere

In the Fall of 2005 we launched eBird Version 2. Major changes to the site at that time included the addition of the 'My eBird' pages, and a redesigned 'look and feel'. We've come a long way since then! eBird Version 3 incorporates many of your ideas, and we're proud of the improvements we've made [read more…]

New eBird Maps!

I hope Brian Sullivan will elaborate on this sometime soon, but eBird has recently rolled out a beta version of their new & improved global range & point maps.  I have been playing around with them some and think it is an amazing resource for birders- I hope it will steer even more people into [read more…]

eBird’s Fall Birding Primer

Fall, perhaps more than any other season for birding, is dependent on a myriad of weather and geographic variables to make for a rewarding birding experience. Birders have known for years that certain weather conditions are especially conducive for exceptional movements of birds, but the specifics of these largely anecdotal tips have only relatively recently [read more…]

New eBird data entry launches!

Several weeks ago, ABA blog contributor Brian Sullivan broke the news that eBird was developing a new and much improved data entry system. It’s been in beta testing for a while, but just last week it was released to some fanfare (especially among those of us who are heavy eBird users).

I’ve found the update [read more…]

eBird hits 3 million observations in a month!

Like many ABA members, the eBird program is near and dear to my heart. You could even say I’m an evangelical about it. Not only is it a valuable means for organizing my own records to keep up with the taxonomic Cuisinart that is modern ornithology, but it’s an increasingly valuable tool for regular birders [read more…]