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Video: Richard Crossley on Making Birding Bigger in America

Two of the many things that I love about working the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival: I always get to hang out and visit with a bunch of fun, interesting birders and there are great birding opportunities very close by, so it’s often possible to sneak in an hour or so of wildlife watching [read more…]

Scenes from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, Part 2

Harlingen, Texas, loves birders. And from what I can gather the feeling is pretty mutual. Birders have long known about the avian riches of what we simply call “The Valley”, it’s one of the few places in the ABA-area that nearly every person to pick up binoculars will tell you that you just have to [read more…]

Scenes from the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, Part 1

I rolled into the Valley Tuesday evening and things have been pretty hectic at the Rio Grande Valley Bird Festival from hour one.  Much of Wednesday was spent taking in a field trip led, in part, by ABA President Jeff Gordon at the San Gertrudis Division of King Ranch, that south Texas establishment famous not [read more…]

ABA Co-Sponsored Changing the Face of American Birding Conference to Be Streamed Live!


Back in early September, Dave Magpiong did an open mic post here on the Focus on Diversity: Changing the Face of American Birding Conference he's organized for this weekend in Philadelphia. I was proud to have the ABA sign on as a co-sponsor of the event as I believe that broadening the appeal of birding to include [read more…]

How We Take the ABA to the Next Level: A Card, A Shirt, and Your Ideas

Below is a picture of my ATM card. Of course, I’ve sloppily cloned out a bunch of numbers from the photo of it, and it’s bleached and nicked from (over)use, but I still wanted you to see it. I should say right up front that this is not the card referred to in the [read more…]