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If You Look, Your World Will Change

A review by Julia Zarankin

The Meaning of Birds, by Simon Barnes

Pegasus Books 2018

208 pages—softcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14938

The first time I went birding, I ended up in a park on the western edge of Toronto face to face with a flotilla of ducks. According to my fellow birdwatchers, we [read more…]

ICYMI: Location, location, location… what’s in a name?

The ABA Blog has been in existence for almost 7 years, and there’s a lot of good content back in the archives that deserves an audience now that it might not have received way back when. So, semi-regularly we will bring some of that stuff back. Here’s one by Jeff Bouton on a common name [read more…]

Serious Topics, With Humor and Flair

A review by Carrie Laben

Being a Bird in North America North of Mexico: Waterfowl to Shorebirds, by Robert Alvo

Privately published, 2015

255 pages, $39.95—hardcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14628

Hitchhiking herons, vultures in chef’s hats, Black Rails borne aloft by balloons: This ain’t Sibley. The first volume of Robert Alvo’s new [read more…]

Episode V: A New Hope (or Unhinged for Anhingas)

Jeff Skrentny and I decided a while back that we would be making one more trip down to Little Egypt and the Trail of Tears in hopes that we might finally be able to track down what may be Illinois’ most elusive summer resident: Anhinga. It would be my 5th attempt.

As the day that [read more…]

I Got The Clap! (a birding tale)

If you bird long enough, you will acquire a nemesis. What’s a nemesis? Mirriam-Webster gives us a few choices, but one definition hits the nail on the head as far as we’re concerned here: a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent.

We don’t often think of birds as “opponents” when birding, but it happens. [read more…]

Preaching Well Beyond the Choir

A review by Carrie Laben

Nextinction, by Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy

Bloomsbury, 2015

224 pages, $50—hardcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14617

The ABA is giving away 2 signed copies of this book. For more information, see the end of this review!

Ceri Levy and Ralph Steadman’s Nextinction arrived while my friend Kaylen was [read more…]

A Diverting Cozy

A review by Jim Wright

The Kiskadee of Death, by Jan Dunlap

North Star Press, 2015

256 pages, $14.95—softcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books

The seventh in Jan Dunlap’s Bob White Birder Murder series, The Kiskadee of Death is a light confection of a mystery, the sort of book you might read on the plane [read more…]

The Unlikeliest Twitch

This little tale is a perfect storm of a rare bird (or two), a joke, the craziness and power of social media, and a kind benefactor…

Saturday, August 16, 1:11 pm

John posts to Facebook:

At 4:04 pm, I reply: “Wait … I want in too. It will be so much better if we [read more…]

It’s Complicated.

Whether we realize it or not, we birders develop relationships with the birds we seek. Sometimes it can be a species, or it can be a family or whole group of families.

Take for example the person who loves to spend frozen hours working through a massive collection of loafing gulls, but cannot abide “warbler [read more…]

Do Bluebirds Hate You?

A review by Julia Zarankin

Why Do Bluebirds Hate Me? More Answers to Common and Not-So-Common Questions about Birds and Birding, by Mike O’Connor

Beacon Press, 2013

185 pages, $12.95—softcover

ABA Sales / Buteo Books 14114

Have you ever wondered where cardinals got their name? Or whether woodpeckers take baths? Or [read more…]