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Open Mic: A Glimpse From the Magic Stump

At the Mic: Tyler Funk

Five winters have come and gone since my first Prairie Falcon sighting in northern Coles County, Illinois, in October of 2010. Four seasons have passed since discovering that, in fact, two Prairie Falcons have been utilizing this area as their winter range, often roosting on what is now called “The [read more…]

Open Mic: A Plea for the Junin Grebe

At the Mic: Josh Beck

There are many, many environmental woes and endangered species in the world, unfortunately. There are also an amazing number of dedicated people and organizations doing everything they can to help. But some things seem to slip through the cracks or to be slipping away from us, almost unnoticed.

[read more…]

Open Mic: Shedding Light on the Mysterious Mangrove Cuckoo

At the Mic: John Lloyd

I’ve been studying Mangrove Cuckoos in the field in Florida, and dead ones in museum collections across North America, for the past several years. Mangrove Cuckoos are fairly uncommon in Florida, which is the only part of North America where they nest and occur regularly. When I started studying these [read more…]

Open Mic: Awaken the Dream

At the Mic: Steve Siegel

As birders we often wonder how to interest young people in our passion. We need them, after all, to carry on. Have you ever thought how you got started? You see and hear the term “spark bird”, some mythical creature that once lit a fire under your butt and made [read more…]

Open Mic: How birds change lives…an invitation to Honduras!

At the Mic: Alexander Alvarado

Alexander Alvarado with his daughter, Debby

August 2006 and I was seated at reservations office of a Hotel in Copan, my office was facing the parking lot where many orioles, motmots, tanagers, euphonias, jays and robins were jumping around in the gardens everyday.

I would be distracted by [read more…]

Malheur Occupation: How Does Nature Nurture Shape the Adults We Become?

A Guest Post by Dave Irons

I was eleven when I first visited Harney County and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Our family spent most of a long weekend up on Steens Mountain, where I caught and ate trout from Fish Lake and gazed down from the east rim onto the dry white expanse of the [read more…]

Open Mic: 431 Species in One Day – Testimony of the Non-Participating Companion

At the Mic: George Paul


There has been an intriguing development in the world of birding. A team has identified 431 species of birds in a 24-hour period — more than on any other day in history. Where can one encounter that many species in one day? How did the team do [read more…]

Open Mic: On Being the Youngest to 4000 Species

At the Mic: Mya-Rose Craig

It was August 2015 and even at 9 am, I was feeling the heat. We had just arrived into Nairobi, Kenya and after 31 days of birding in East Africa, I was still enthralled. We were at Swara Plains just south of Nairobi, watching new birds but it was the [read more…]

Open Mic: Meet the Willettes!

At the Mic: Diane Yorgason-Quinn and 11 other Willettes

Back in 1996, one of my birding buddies said to me, “You should go to this ABA convention in Park City, Utah, so you can report back to the rest of us what these events are like.” The two of us were part of a [read more…]

Day of the Dead Tribute: Remembering Paul Green

Part 1 of this series is here.

By David Rice

Migratory birds are inspirational. They appear each spring in fresh plumage, the singers in full song, having flown hundreds or thousands of miles, and they remind us it is time to renew ourselves again. The best way to receive their message is to go [read more…]