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Bird Like a Neotropical Pro

In last year’s Birder’s Guide to Gear, Kathi Borgmann offered some great advice on what to pack on a birding trip to Neotropics in “Gearing Up for a Neotropical Adventure“. In her follow-up article appearing in the 2016 issue of Birder’s Guide to Travel–“Bird Like a Neotropical Pro“–she outlines how to prepare for the trip [read more…]

Gearing Up for a Neotropical Adventure

Having the right gear with you can be the different between thoroughly enjoying yourself and…not. Things like wet feet, fogged binoculars, and swarms of blackflies can have you running back to the car and wishing you were home, instead.

In “Gearing Up for a Neotropical Adventure“, Kathi Borgmann shares her thoughts on the gear you [read more…]

How to Text Out a Bird

First, there were weekly bird hotlines. . .

Wait. If we want to be historically complete, first there was grunting and pointing, then look-what-I-just-killed-do-you-want-a-bite (i.e., here’s the specimen if you need proof), then story-telling next to the fire, then cave painting, then winter counts on bison hides, then the printing [read more…]

YOUR TURN: Making the Most of Your Next Birding Tour

The March 2015 issue of Birder’s Guide to Travel contains an article by experienced traveler, Dana Duxbury-Fox. She offers tips on how to prepare for a major international trip and–just as importantly–how to behave while you’re there. You can read Dana’s article by clicking here. The entire March 2015 issue of Birder’s Guide is available [read more…]

How to Record Birdsong—Part 1

Two years ago in this space I wrote a three-part primer on the use of digital audio recorders for birding. A lot has changed since that time. The hardware I reviewed in Part 1 no longer is available. The software I discussed in Part 2 has been upgraded—plus, I’ve gotten better at using [read more…]

To Birders, Wind is a Four Letter Word… Usually

I’m sure I speak for birders everywhere when I say that for the most part strong wind blows. (See what I did there?) Nothing puts wee birds into heavy cover, shakes your scope, and wicks the heat out of your extremities like a strong wind. Long-anticipated pelagic plans can be dashed when the wind gets [read more…]

Your turn: Pelagic Prep

When Diana Doyle speaks about preparing for a pelagic trip, you should listen: Diana lives on a boat!

The March 2014 issue of Birder’s Guide to Travel features Diana’s latest article, “Pelagic Prep: Getting Ready to Bird at Sea”. From how to prepare to what to do (and, perhaps more importantly, what not to do) [read more…]

Calling all Conservation and Community Heroes!

Many ABA members will be familiar with the “Milestones” column that appears in each issue of Birding (and, before that, Winging It). Birders write in with their latest listing accomplishments: “Jack Thompson of Sausalito, CA saw his 700th bird for the ABA Area, a Smith’s Longspur, in central Illinois in April 2013” or “Gloria Hinojosa [read more…]

Kayak Kam 2

A couple of years ago I posted about a photo rig for kayaks.  I like the setup but it is mainly for pretty committed bird & wildlife photography (serious tripod & head, big lens, etc.)  As I was getting ready for a little paddling trip a couple of days ago with my 7-year old son, [read more…]

Spot Check

Bill Schmocker offers some tips on using your camera to get accurate counts of birds. [read more…]