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Playing Tag Part 1

If you’re at all like me, it is quite easy to come back from a birding trip with thousands of pictures. Once home, organizing the photos can take many dimensions (and indeed be a topic for a book, not just a blog post!) One important element of photo cataloging to consider is keeping track of [read more…]

A Praiseworthy Publishing Precedent

So a really substantial new bird book recently came out that I hope you’ve heard of- The Warbler Guide by Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle. I’ll leave the discussion of the text itself to our ace Book Review Team, but I wanted to mention some seriously cool online resources associated with the guide.

In [read more…]

Tech Tip for Tidy Travelers

I hope by now you’ve had a chance to read through Birder’s Guide, the ABA’s newest publication. The debut issue focused on travel, a subject near and dear to most birders’ hearts. Besides the dreamy birds at many bucket-list destinations, I especially appreciated the practical articles on packing and pelagic trip preparations.

On my recent [read more…]

2013 ABA Camp Avocet

I had the thorough pleasure of attending the ABA's Camp Avocet as a counselor last week.  The camp, based at the beautiful and birdy Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware, attracted 22 keen young birders and a slew of bird experts who joined the staff for birding jaunts in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, [read more…]

Eastern Kingbird and Peregrine Falcon aerial battle

Massachusetts birder Tim Spahr witnessed and photographed an incredible aerial encounter between an Eastern Kingbird and a Peregrine Falcon. [read more…]

You Know You’re a Birder When…

For the latter half or so of July I was incredibly fortunate and privileged to sail from western Iceland to Greenland aboard the National Geographic Explorer as a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow.  The trip was so full of highlights that I'm still wrapping my head around it; I'm working on photos and movies, making plans for [read more…]

Bald Eagle Eats Whale!

Bill Schmoker observes the Bald Eagle in a moment of seaside opportunism. [read more…]

Innovative Smart Phone Digiscoping Bracket

Hey ABA Blog readers- I recently saw this video showing the new PhoneSkope C4 universal phonescoping adapter and thought it was pretty intriguing. I haven’t put my hands on one yet (I’m hoping to get one to review soon) but wondered if any of you have tried it? If so please leave a comment with [read more…]

Mako Sica- maybe not!

Bill Schmoker headed to the Badlands of South Dakota and returns with some amazing images. [read more…]

Kayak Kam 2

A couple of years ago I posted about a photo rig for kayaks.  I like the setup but it is mainly for pretty committed bird & wildlife photography (serious tripod & head, big lens, etc.)  As I was getting ready for a little paddling trip a couple of days ago with my 7-year old son, [read more…]